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SMS Pricing

The General pricing here is displayed in Nigerian Naira(₦) & Kobo (k). SMS Charges/Account Debit would be in your chosen account currency at the current exchange rates. Top-ups & Deposits would be in NGN(₦) equivalent of your account billing currency. Destinations to USA, Canada are the same pricing

Please note that USD pricing information is based on the current FX rates as at today. Therefore, the USD pricing information displayed below is subject to change. Also note that charges on your account may differ if you are billed in a currency other than NGN. For pricing based on your account, Click Here

Get price discounts when you buy SMS in volumes/bundles. For volume based pricing, Click Here

The prepaid SMS Pricing are now discounted when you buy messages in volumes. Similar to unlimited SMS, you would be able to send messages as much within a fixed deposit.
The volume of messages would be billed by the number of messages(pages) x the discounted cost per page to that destination. e.g 500 Messages to US = 500 x *discounted_us_price*
To see available discount please select your desired destination/country