Click2Send | Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refunds For Transactions & Subsequent Chargeback Claims

CLICK2SEND.COM.NG is a BulkSMS Online platform with the sole purpose of sending and receiving messages to and from telephone numbers globally at a fee. We(""), do not make refunds for transactions unless certain conditions are met.

Click2Send offers a PrePaid & PostPaid service at which a virtual wallet("Client Balance") is used for maintaining client funds and accounting purposes. A Credit Card transaction or Bank Transfer payment from a client is done ONCE and is NOT REFUNDABLE. Subsequent payment for services including SMS and more, would be made from the virtual wallet("Client Balance") of the client and refunds, would be made BACK to the virtual wallet("Client Balance") NOT the bank or credit card.

Refund Conditions

  1. Non-Delivery Of SMS

    We may offer a refund for non-delivery of SMS if:

    • Delivery failure is from our network end
    • Delivery has expired due to long queue
    • Client account has been debited
    • SMS is an Outbound SMS
  2. Money-back Guarantee On Phone Numbers

    There is a 3 days money back guarantee on phone numbers if:

    • Phone number does not receive Inbound SMS as Stipulated.
    • Phone number does not receive Inbound Calls as Stipulated.

Client account deposits ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. We do not refund deposit transactions as once a deposit has been made to the client account, the money is available for use and cannot be reversed. However, SMS Failure & Waranty Refunds are made back to the client balance whence the charge was made. Refunds are not made back to the client's bank or credit card.


Balance Withdrawal Conditions

A client may request a complete withdrawal of deposit made within 24 hours of making such deposit. After 24 hours, the balance is no longer open for withdrawals.