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Email To SMS - Send SMS via Email offers Email-To-SMS service at which you can send SMS via email. The Email-To-SMS service is availble to all countries served globally. Unlimited SMS Subscribers can also use Email-To-SMS. The Email-To-SMS makes it easy to integrate SMS into any application. You can also send SMS without having to login or visit our website.

Email-To-SMS is billed either Prepaid, Postpaid or Unlimited.

Unlimited SMS Fair Usage Policy applies to Email-To-SMS.

Email-To-SMS Gateway

To send a text via email, send an email to the address


The Subject of the Message must contain the desitnation phone numbers delimited by comma(,). I.e

Subject: 2348000000,15596184100,442819200012

Only messages sent from a registered user email will be accepted. So, your email must be registered. Register Now.

The Sender ID, is usually a static ID registered by the client. To make use of a dynamic sender id, please attach the sender id to the subject like so..

Subject: MySender|2348000000,15596184100,442819200012

The sender id must be separated from the recipients with "|"

For authentication, a verification link is sent back to the registered email before the SMS is sent. For on-the-fly authentication, you can attach your password to the subject like so..

Subject: MySender|2348000000,15596184100,442819200012|mypassword


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